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Versatile wafer quality inspection system

Correlated Analysis System for in-vivo Inspection of Semi-Conductor Process Wafers.

We will develop a new tool for in-vivo high-speed correlated analysis of up-to 300mm semiconductor wafers. It will combine a wide range of surface analysis methods, being important in the quality assurance and process control in the chip production. Surface analysis and material characterization of thin layers or devices at the nanoscale can be performed over the whole wafer. High analysis speed due to patented sensor technology will yield material and device test results at a time scale beyond current state-of-the art in the semiconductor industry. Therefore, the instrument can be used for in-line inspection of critical process steps, too.

Currently, the core products of the companies are tuned to very specific applications focused to highest possible analysis resolution, mainly used in the research community. By combining the complementary technical strengths and business expertise of the companies, we have the opportunity to create an instrument, which can serve – and therefore benefit from – a global trend in the semiconductor industry: the need for fast in-line inspection at the nanoscale on wafer level. With the technical expertise of the scientific partners, we will be able to bring to the global market a unique instrument with excellent technical and cost-of-ownership specifications.

The CAS-C NanoInspect brings the power of correlated surface analysis into the failure analysis labs of the Semiconductor industry!

Thin film analysis at nm-resolution in one station
at an unchallenged level:

  • shear testing
  • scratch testing
  • nano-indentation
  • roughness measurement
  • topography measurement
  • electrical conductivity


  • Mapping of wafers up to 300mm
  • Fast analysis due to novel sensors
  • Small laboratory space

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