c-sense moved to its new office and laboratory

Being founded in 2020 c-sense moved its head quarters to a new location in TFZ Technologie und Forschungszentrum. The new laboratory has a fantastic view and includes a fully equipped electronics workshop and setups for roughness measurements, 3D surface models and line scans.

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NanoInspect – Pushing the frontiers of analysis!

NanoInspect Pushing the frontiers of analysis! Versatile wafer quality inspection system Correlated Analysis System for in-vivo Inspection of Semi-Conductor Process Wafers. We will develop a new tool for in-vivo high-speed correlated analysis of up-to 300mm semiconductor wafers. It will combine a wide range of surface analysis methods, being important in the quality assurance and process control in the chip production. Surface analysis and material characterization of thin layers or devices at...

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