Silicon Nitride/Polymer AFM Probes

Introducing the Future of Nanoscale Sensing:

The Trilayer Cantilever Technology!

Experience a revolutionary leap forward in precision and versatility with our groundbreaking Trilayer Cantilever Technology. Designed to surpass the limits of traditional sensing systems, this cutting-edge innovation offers a host of extraordinary benefits that will redefine your nanoscale research and applications.

(Figure 1: Schematic of Trilayer cantilever)

1. Unleash Lightning-Fast Dynamic Response:

Prepare to witness unprecedented speed in your experiments. Our Trilayer Cantilevers deliver an exceptional dynamic response, enabling you to capture rapid changes and intricate phenomena in real-time. Say goodbye to missed details and embrace the swift pace of discovery!

(Figure 2: High-speed measurements of facet-eye of an insect)

2. Uncompromised Encapsulated Electronics:

Bid farewell to the challenges of measuring in conductive environments. With our Trilayer Cantilever’s ingenious design, the electronics of the cantilever are perfectly encapsulated, ensuring robustness and reliability even in the harshest conditions. Focus solely on your research, knowing that the electronics are safeguarded and ready to deliver exceptional performance.

(Figure 3: In-situ Measurement of polished nickel surface during etching)

3. Unlock the Power of High Force Sensitivity:

Embark on a journey of exceptional sensitivity and detection capabilities. Our Trilayer Cantilevers possess a remarkable ability to sense even the tiniest forces, allowing you to explore the subtlest interactions and delve into the intricate world of molecular and atomic forces. Unlock a realm of possibilities like never before!

(Figure 4: The polymer core allows making the Trilayer cantilever thicker, giving them much higher force sensitivity compared to standard silicon cantilevers, while not making the Trilayer exceedingly stiff.)

4. Tailor Responses with Precision:

Empower yourself with complete control over your experiments. The thickness, length, width and material of the cantilever is the key to unlocking highly tuneable mechanical and electrical responses. Adjust and optimize the parameters to match your specific requirements and witness your experiments flourish with customizable precision.

Embrace the future of nanoscale sensing with Trilayer Cantilever Technology. Leave behind the limitations of the past and step into a new era of research possibilities. Whether you’re engaged in materials science, biological research, or nanotechnology, our Trilayer Cantilevers will propel you towards groundbreaking discoveries.

Discover the power of speed, encapsulation, sensitivity, and precision. Experience the evolution of sensing technology today with Trilayer Cantilevers – the pathway to endless scientific advancements.


  • Integration on a standard AFM scanner and high-speed AFM
  • Force or deflection measurements
  • Measurements withing TEM, SEM, XPS etc.
  • MFM, KPFM, Conductive-AFM (C-AFM)
  • Measurements in (opaque/conductive) liquids

Application examples:
Correlative SEM-AFM-KPFM
Using a Pt tip-coated trilayer cantilever.

Correlative SEM-AFM-KPFM/MFM
Using a Pt tip-coated trilayer cantilever.

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